How do I upload my saves to the Playkey cloud?

Game saves are stored in the Playkey cloud, and if it is provided for by the publisher, then also in the clouds of gaming services.   

Uploading your saves to the cloud or transferring them to another account is not possible, but synchronization is possible.

Steam Cloud

 If you’ve played a Steam game and you had synchronization enabled with the Steam Cloud, then the first time you run the game through Playkey you’ll be offered the option of downloading saves from the Steam Cloud to the Playkey cloud. You need to select Download to this PC.

 If the option Upload to Steam Cloud is selected, then saves to the Steam Cloud will be replaced with saves from the Playkey cloud.


 At present there is no synchronization with Uplay cloud storage.


Progress of a single player through GTA V is stored in the Playkey cloud, while for online mode it’s stored in the Social Club cloud. 

Synchronization with the Rockstar cloud is temporarily disabled.    The function of downloading saves from the Playkey cloud is being considered by the developers, but it has not yet been implemented because of technical limitations. If there is no activity on an account, saves are stored for one year and then deleted.

 How can I download or delete my saves?

You can delete your saves or get them as a link to the archive on request by contacting the support team. 

Saves can be obtained no more than once a month and from no more than three games at a time.  

In the subject line, summarize your request. In the body of the email, give the following information:

  • The email address associated with the account, and your user ID in the Playkey cloud
  • Which game saves you want to get or delete
  • The time of the last game session, in Moscow time (UTC+3)

The request must be made from the email address associated with the Playkey account.