If computer cannot manage video decoding:

  • Check your computer for the processes that can slow it down, such as system updates, browsers, especially with many open tabs, active anti-malware searches and scans.
  • Try different game launch settings, resolution: 1080p60fps -> 1080p45fps -> 1080p33fps -> 720p60fps -> 720p45fps -> 720p33fps

  • Proccessor or low-end videocard is used for decoding, switching to more powerful videocard, if possible, might solve it.

  • If nothing of the above helped, you can try setting an upper limit to the bitrate, it will reduce amount of internet trafic sent, and the amount of work needed for the computer to process the videofeed. Press CTRL+F2 to open setting smenu and try changing Video Bitrate Range from Auto to 18 Mbit/s.

  • Press CTRL + F2 to open client settings and set this parameters:

Client video processing quality: Gradually reduce this parameter from Ultra to Low, to find an optimal value for your PC/Mac.

Video profile: Gradually reduce this setting from High to Baseline to find an optimal value for your PC/Mac.

It will turn off some of the quality improving video settings, but will drastically improve the perfomance, depending on the machine and source of the problem.

Decoding settings do not change resolution or bitrate settings, but affect displayed and actual Ufps, picture quality and overall client perfomance.
With lower parameters, it is easier to achiever higher Ufps.