Which gamepads are supported?

Playkey supports up to four simultaneously connected gamepads.
So you can play in pairs if the game provides such a mode.
What works best of all for gaming is the Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamepads, since the games themselves work with these gamepads, and no additional configuration is needed to connect them.

Playkey hasn’t tested other gamepads not mentioned in this article. For this reason we can’t guarantee that they will function correctly.

Controlling DualShock gamepads

DualShock 3 (Sixaxis): http://motioninjoy.en.uptodown.com/
The program substitutes the gamepad for an Xbox 360.
Without it, the system doesn’t receive any commands from the gamepad.

DualShock 4: http://inputmapper.com/downloads/download/2-input-mapper/14-inputmapper
The program substitutes the gamepad for an Xbox 360.
Without this program, the gamepad is recognized and works, but with button functions switched.
Methods for connecting gamepads to an iMac are described online, and as a rule, the setup doesn’t present any particular problem.

How to connect PS3 DualShock 3 to Mac OS X

Connect the game controller to the computer with a USB cable and wait for the red LED on the joystick to flash, then:
Go to System Settings.
Then go to the Bluetooth settings menu and make sure that the computer has detected the new wireless device.
If the Mac asks for an access code, then you should enter this very simple set of digits: 0000.
Hold the PS button on the controller for three seconds, then disconnect the USB cable.
The joystick will be added to the list of devices connected by Bluetooth.
Congrats! You have successfully connected the PS3 DualShock 3 to a Mac and can use it to control many games.
In addition to connecting DualShock 3, you can also connect other game controllers to your Mac—for example, Xbox and Nintendo Wii. This requires using special drivers, but they can be obtained for free."

How to connect Xbox to MacOS

Xbox gamepads are known to not connect automatically with a Mac.
For them to work, you need to install a driver.
For Xbox One: https://github.com/FranticRain/Xone-OSX/releases/tag/v1.0.4
For Xbox 360: https://github.com/360Controller/360Controller/releases
After that, the gamepads will work for running games directly on your computer or through Playkey.
We should also remind you that the gamepad works in games offered through Playkey only where it’s mentioned explicitly.

How to connect Steam Controller

Для того, чтобы играть со Steam Controller, необходимо:
Установить SCPToolkit https://github.com/nefarius/ScpToolkit/releases/tag/v1.6.238.16010
Запустить его и установить xbox 360 controller driver
Установить SlimDX .NET 4.0 x86 (x86 даже если у Вас 64-битная система) https://slimdx.org/download.php
Скачать Xoutput https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_B7VonUNc9URm1scF9ueTBtRGs/view
Добавить Xoutput как стороннюю игру в Steam  (Выбрать в Steam Библиотека->Добавить игру->Добавить стороннюю игру->Обзор, выбрать Xoutput);
В настройках стима контроллер/управление/настройки для пк выбрать в качестве конфигурации шаблон геймпад. При этом контроллер перестанет работать в системе как мышь и клавиатура.
Включить Steam Controller;
Запустить Xoutput через Steam. В Xoutput отметить необходимый геймпад, нажать кнопку "Start". В системе появится Xbox 360 Controller;
Можно запускать Playkey. 

Во время игры необходимо, чтобы приложение Xoutput было запущено

Managing the Apple Trackpad

Sometimes, if you use a trackpad you need additional configuration so that the right-side button will work.
The configuration is done with the standard methods.
After configuration, you will need to restart the computer.
Apple Magic Trackpad Silver Bluetooth was used for testing the function.

Is gamepad recoil vibration supported in Playkey?

For the moment, the vibrating function in gamepads is not supported.
We plan to implement this function in the future.