Why are there delays in control?

Time is needed to pass a signal from the user to the server and back. A certain delay in a character’s response in the game is a consequence of this.

If the control delay or sound lag interfere with enjoying the game, there may be several causes:

  • A problem can happen with the Wi-Fi connection (check the quality of service when connecting to the internet using a cable).
  • Sometimes it helps to reinstall the Playkey application and restart the computer.
  • The computer can’t keep up with decoding the video stream (close unnecessary programs and stop all downloads).
  • If you’re using a laptop, make sure that the power settings are configured for maximal performance and that you’re using the most powerful video card.
  • The reason for the delays may be antivirus software or a built-in firewall.
  • A lengthy ping time—the longer it is, the more delay is perceived—depends on several factors:
    • How far a player is from the server: the further the player, the higher the ping.
    • The number of nodes on the route: the more nodes, the higher the ping.
    • The restrictions on a player’s data plan: on low-speed plans, ping time to the cloud can increase significantly.

Why does control sometimes get better or worse?

Our servers are geographically located in different places. For this reason, the control situation can change with each connection: shorter ping time (closer server) results in shorter perceived delay.

The nearest free server is automatically selected. For this reason, we can’t assign your account only to specific servers. This is how the service architecture is designed.

How can I improve the situation?

  • Launch the game in another available launch configuration: 1080p 60fps → 1080p 45fps → 1080p 33fps → 720p 60fps → 720p 45fps → 720p 33fps
  • In the Playkey configuration manager (called up by pressing Ctrl+F2), change the Control transfer protocol parameter to TCP. This will change the way control commands are transmitted in the game

  • Adjust the sensitivity of the pointer in the operating system itself (try setting it to average values and to maximum in different game launches)
  • Check the control on another mouse (keyboard).
  • If the first items didn’t help, you can try restricting the upper bitrate limit. This will reduce the amount of the transmitted video stream. As a result, the computer will be able to process and send control commands more quickly.

Press Ctrl+F2 to bring up the settings window and set the value from Auto to 18 Mbps for Video bitrate range. With a maximal limit, you can experiment with lowering it to find the best value for an enjoyable game

  • If limiting the bitrate didn’t help, you can slightly reduce the picture quality, which will reduce the load on your internet connection
  • Video processing quality: can be reduced gradually from Ultra to Very low to find the optimal value for a game

  • Video profile: can be reduced gradually from High to Baseline to find the optimal value for a game

This will allow the main thread (the value in the first line of the streaming console after the vertical line |) to run more often. Find out more in this article

The more often the main thread runs, the more often control commands are processed and sent, and the crisper and smoother the control feels

That is, the higher the value after the vertical line, the better the control is.

If the recommendations didn’t help, you need to contact the Playkey support team to solve these problems.