How does the rental model work?

If you have an active subscription, you purchase the game from us and launch it in the Playkey cloud.

If you already have the game (you bought a key from us or in another store) and it’s available on our service, you can also launch it with the username and password from the gaming-platform account.

We call this a rental model, since you launch your game on our powerful gaming servers. This way, you get blockbusters with the most demanding hardware requirements in excellent quality on any desktop or laptop.

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Do I need to purchase games to run them on Playkey?

Yes, but not for all games. If the game is distributed by its publisher for a fee, it can’t be free on Playkey. That would be a violation of the publisher’s interests. 

Subscriptions let you launch games you’ve purchased keys for, as well as games from the "“Subscription games”" and "“Demo games”" sections.

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How can I launch a game if I already have a key?

To launch a game in the rental model, a user will need an account on a gaming platform with an activated game key purchased on the platform or in Playkey:

If you have an account with a previously activated key, go to the game card and click Play

A launcher will appear with a prompt to enter the username and password for the gaming-platform account. After you enter this information, the game will start.

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Which gaming platforms does the service support?

The following platforms are enabled:

  • Social Club
  • Uplay
  • Steam

When buying a game in Playkey, you get a key that you can use to launch a game not only in Playkey but also on your own computer.  

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If your key has already been activated on a gaming platform but you’re not sure whether it’ll work, read the article at the link below.

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