Why does the picture get jumbled?

Picture distortion and jumbling are caused by network issues: packet loss, improperly functioning network equipment (network card, router), or the traffic route not being optimized by the internet provider.

The main causes of jumbled images

Before proceeding, make sure you first restart your router or internet connection, as it often fixes many issues. Restarting your PC can sometimes help as well. Make sure problem persists.

Heavy internet traffic

Disable updates for the operating system.

Stop file downloads and close unnecessary tabs on your browser.

Check your computer with antivirus software such as DrWeb CureIt or Eset Online Scanner.

If you have a router, then all devices connected to it are using resources on the same shared bandwidth, which negatively influences picture quality.

Problems on the line

Make sure connector (plastic end of the ethernet cable) is intact, and check the whole cable that is used for connection for signs of damage.
If you are using Wi-Fi:

  • Shorten distance between your machine and the router
  • Set a password for your router network, if it is not set up yet
  • It is know that many things can affect quality of Wi-Fi connections, such as microwaves, wireless accessories, bluetooth devices, other Wi-Fi routers. In that case, changing Wi-Fi channel on the router might help
  • Change router frequency to 5Hhz, if it is supported

There is not enough capacity to exchange data with the Playkey servers.

Playkey games run mostly on servers located in Moscow, but there are servers in other countries too.

So the in-game bitrate is different from the results of speed tests such as speedtest.net, which by default test the connection to the server nearest to the user.

To get better information on speed, you need to measure it to the cities on the Playkey coverage map: Moscow, Frankfurt, London

The minimal speed needed for data exchange with the Playkey server:

  • For running games at a resolution of 720p: 10 Mbps
  • For running games at a resolution of 1080p: 25 Mbps

The recommended speed is at least 30 Mbps.

Connection problems between us and your ISP

WinMTR can help identify the problem. This program will show whether there are losses on the line and also the number of nodes on the route between you and the Playkey servers.

Information for connection troubleshooting can be found in this FAQ article. Troubleshooting the Server Connection

We can’t resolve connection issues, but we can evaluate the quality of the connection.

Processor is used for decoding, instead of videocard

Consult this article for more information: Availability of hardware decoding

Antivirus protection interferes with the Playkey application’s operation

The Playkey process should be added to the antivirus software’s exception list.

There are temporary or permanent losses of 0.1% to 0.5%

In the Playkey configuration manager, you can try restricting the upper bitrate limit, and this can reduce the losses.

Press Ctrl+F2 to bring up the settings window, and set “Video bitrate range” from Auto to 18 Mbps.

You can experiment with lowering the upper limit to find the optimal value for easy gaming.

What should I do if none of this has helped?

For more recommendations or information, you need to contact our support team.

In your email you should let us know:

The email address associated with your Playkey account

In which games you’re seeing problems

Attach a screenshot of WinMTR’s statistics and a screenshot of the game with the streaming data (it’s called up by pressing Ctrl+F1) at the moment when the problem is happening.