Причины возникновения проблем с соединением:

1) Heavy internet traffic

  • Disable currently ongoing updates for the operating system.
  • Stop file downloads and close unnecessary tabs on your browser.
  • Check your computer with antivirus software such as: DrWeb CureIt or Eset Online Scanner
  • If you have a router, then all devices connected to it are using resources on the same shared bandwidth, which negatively influences picture quality.

2) There is not enough capacity to exchange data with the Playkey servers.

Playkey games run mostly on servers located in Moscow, but there are servers in other countries too.
We recommend checking this article, and then attempting to play once more.

3) Problems on the route between your Internet provider and Playkey

We can't solve this issues, but can give recommendations and advices on how to get more information, using it, you can contact your provider.

Our main helper is utility tool named WinMTR: it will show amount of nodes on the route from you to our servers, and any problems that could be there.

For windows
Download, unpack and launch WinMTR using administrator rights.
In the «Host» field put the ip of our data center:


Press «Start», then let the program work and collect data for at least 5 minutes

Preferably, you should be playing (using Playkey) so that any problems is collected in this data.

Once the data collection is finished, press «Stop»

Analyzing the results:
We are interested in the last line in the end list:

  • Packet losses (column "Loss%") shouldn't be more than 1%,
  • Average latency ("Avrg") shouldn't be more than 50ms, and maximal one ("Worst") - no more than 100ms
  • Ideal: zero losses, average ping is 40-50 ms, minimal ("Best") and maximal ("Worst") differ from average no more than 50%

If there are deviations from this conditions, please contact your provider with this information.