Causes for the problems and solutions:

1) Clogged connection

  1. Make sure your system doesn't download updates in the background
  2. Turn off all downloads and close unneeded browser tabs and programms that work with the network
  3. Check your computer with anti-virus software: DrWeb CureIt or Eset Online Scanner
  4. While using a router, all connected devices limit the availible bandwidth, if possible, limit the amount of connected devices.

2) Signal strength

  1. Lower the distance between your computer and router, or use a cable
  2. Check internet cable that is connecting you to the outside node, make sure it is not damaged and pins are intact
  3. Many factors can interfere with the wi-fi signals, such as other wi-fi or electric devices, sometimes, changing wi-fi channel can help with this problem, more information on how to do it in this article
  4. Switch your router to 5 Hhz frequency, if your router and reciever supports it

3) Not enough speed to establish a stable connection with Playkey

There is several playkey servers, and connection speed can vary between them.

We recommend to test your connection and check your image quality once more.


If there is no possibility to connect through a cable:

Recomendations that can help if you are experiencing problems with Wi-Fi

  1. Restart your router (turn off it's power for 10-15 seconds)
  2. Switch Wi-Fi channel: choose an optimal one between: 1, 6 or 11
  3. Limit bandwidth to 20 Hhz
  4. Change data transfer standart to  802.11 N
  5. Switch authentication method to WPA2-PSK
  6. Change encryption method to AES
  7. Update your drivers for Wi-Fi adapter

Important to know:

  1.  Try to leave only your device connected to the router - the more devices are connected (телефоны, ноутбуки, планшеты), bigger the chances for problems to occur 
  2.  Close all unneeded programs with the access to internet, active downloads, watching videos online, system updates, it all can limit the bandwidth
  3.  Check your router's software for updates -outdated software can cause problems with the connection's stability and other errors