Problems commonly encountered while using Wi-Fi:

  • Inputs delay due to high latency
  • Visual artifacts

In case you cannot use ethernet-cable directly:

Recommendations that can help in case of Wi-Fi problems and improve quality of the signal:

  1. Restart your router (Turn it off completely, wait 10-15 seconds, turn it back on)
  2. Change Wi-Fi channel: choose an optimal one between 1, 6 and 11.
    If that doens't help, a more precise settings might help.
  3. Limit your Wi-Fi Channel Width to 20 MHz
  4. Change 802.11 Mode to N (Transfer Type).
  5. Change authentication method to WPA2-PSK
  6. Change encryption method to AES
  7. Update the drivers for your Wi-Fi adapter

We managed to get great results:

Important to know:

  1.  Amount of problems and the chance of their occurence increases with the number of connected devices.
  2.  Any applications that use internet bandiwtch can cause problems, such as browsers, torrents, online videos.
  3.  Outdated software and drivers can cause troubles, keep your computer up to date.