Why can the FPS in the game differ from the one stated on the card?

Most common problems causing low FPS is:

  • On the user side - problems with the decoder, incorrectly set in-game settings (resolution, graphics settings).
  • From the side of the game developer - a new update that causes fps drops, a decrease in the frame rate in places with a large number of objects (huge ARK bases, dense thickets, etc.)

How to discern what causes it?

Open the streaming console (Ctrl +F1) and check if the any issues with the video stream.

1) UFPS lower than the other values, it is caused by the problems with decoder.

2) decoder should be, ideally, 0, but values up to 12 can be comfortable to play.

3) Check the type of decoder you are using, hardware (HW) works best in most cases than software one (SW).

4) Close all the application not in use currently (Anti-malware, videoplayers, browser and others), all this programms can stress the decoder and take resources from the system.

5) Make sure you are using the latest video drivers.

Drivers for - Nvidia 

Drivers for - AMD 

Drivers for - Intel

6) Try launching the game in different configuration

1080p60fps -> 1080p45fps -> 1080p33fps -> 720p60fps -> 720p45fps -> 720p33fps

This article offers more information on codecs and decoders.

Screen resolution and graphic settings:

Most of our games have adaptive resolution set, it will automatically set the resolution in the game to the maximum available for your monitor.

In some cases, due to the fact that we use server video cards, the resolution is set incorrectly.

1) Set the resolution in the game settings identical to your monitor. (Usually located in Settings-Screen / Screen Resolution).

2) Turn off Vertical Sync / Vsync / frame rate limit in the settings. 

This limits the number of frames sent to the user.

For example, Overwatch initially has a frame rate limit, to change it, in the graphics settings, click (Other-Max. Frame Rate 300)


Graphic settings depend on your tariff plan, and are sent automatically.Changing the settings to higher ones can reduce the FPS of the game.
If there are no problems with the decoder, you may have received wrong settings, try lowering them a little, to the FPS specified in the game card.

We hope this data helped you find out why you are having FPS drops, if not, contact our support team.

To help us figure the reasons faster, please, send:

1) Screenshot of in-game graphics settings.

2) A screenshot with the streaming panel open (Ctrl + F1), at the time of observing the problem.