1. Create Ethereum-wallet on MyEtherWallet

1.1. Go to the MyEtherWallet website

1.2. Enter a password

  • On the “New Wallet" tab, enter the password that will be used to access your wallet (create a strong password using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols).

  • Click on the “Create New Wallet” button.

Do not forget this password! If you lose your password, you will lose all ETH and PKT stored in your wallet.

1.3. Download Keystore file

  • Click on the “Download Keystore File” button.
  • The file will be downloaded to your computer.

This is a digital signature file for your wallet. This file contains your private and public keys and is required every time you want to access your account.

Please note that you won’t be able to access your account without this file and the password from the previous step. If you lose one of them, you will lose all ETH and PKT stored in your wallet.

1.4. Backup your private key

  • Click on the “I understand. Continue” button.
  • Click on the “Print Paper Wallet” button.
  • Save or print the data file:
    Do not share your private keys with anyone. The private key is an analog of the PIN code from your bank card.  If anyone obtains your private key, they will have access to all of your funds.

1.5. Open your wallet to view the address

  • Click on the “Save Your Address” button.
  • Select the “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” item.
  • Click on the “SELECT WALLET FILE” button and select the keystore file downloaded in section 1.1.3.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click on the “Unlock” button.

At the bottom you will see your wallet info:

1.6. Save your address

  • Copy and save your address, which is in the "Your Address" and "Account Address" fields:

2. Buy ETH

You can buy ETH for any fiat currencies (e.g., USD, RUB, etc.) on any cryptoexchange (e.g., Coinbase.com, Kraken.com, poloniex.com, Cex.io). Also you can buy ETH for other cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, Dash, etc.) using exchange services.

The easiest way to buy ETH is to buy for USD using an exchange service (e.g., https://xchange.cash, https://60cek.com/, http://lykke.com, https://localethereum.com/, https://www.bestchange.com). Here is an example of using the BestChange service.

  • Go to https://www.bestchange.com
  • In the “Give” column select the payment method, e.g. “Visa/MasterCard USD”.
  • In the “Get” column select “Ethereum (ETH)”.

  • Select the exchanger with the best rate and go to it.

Follow the instructions of the selected exchanger and refill your ETH-wallet.
Please note that when you purchase PKT tokens, a small commission will be charged, so you should refill your wallet by a little more than you plan to spend on PKT tokens.

3. Buy PKT tokens

As of June 2018, PKT tokens are available on the following exchanges:

Comissions are applied.

A detailed description of purchasing PKT on each of the listed exchanges can be found in the Instructions.

4. Send purchased PKT to your ETH wallet

After buying PKT on the exchange, transfer the tokens to your ETH wallet created in step 1. You can also transfer tokens from the exchange directly to the Playkey wallet (see step 6.4 for how to find out the wallet address. In this case you should skip 5-6 steps and go forward to the step 7).

These instructions show an example of withdrawing PKT from the exchange https://mercatox.com. On other exchanges, the steps to withdraw funds are identical.

  • In the PKT line click «Withdraw» button. A PKT withdrawal form will open:

  • In the “Amount” field, enter the amount of PKT to transfer. The “Transaction fee” field shows the fee for withdrawal from the exchange.
  • In the “Address” field, enter the address of your ETH wallet created in step 1 or the address of the Playkey wallet (step 6.4).
  • Click «Submit» button.

5. Add PKT tokens to the  MyEtherWallet wallet to display the balance

  • Go to the MyEtherWallet website: https://www.myetherwallet.com/.
  • Go to the «Send Ether & Tokens» tab.
  • Open your wallet.
  • In the “Token Balances” section click the “Add Custom Token” button.
  • Enter the data in the fields:
    • Address – insert the contract tokens address Playkey: 0x2604fa406be957e542beb89e6754fcde6815e83f
    • Token Symbol – PKT
    • Decimals – 18
  • Click on the “Save” button.
  • PKT tokens appear in the “Token Balances” section.

6. Add to your PKT balance on the Playkey service

6.1. Go to the MyEtherWallet website

6.2. Go to the «Send Ether & Tokens» tab 

6.3. Open your wallet

  • Select the “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” item.
  • Click on the “SELECT WALLET FILE” button and select your keystore file.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click on the “Unlock” button.
  • The ETH sending form will open:

6.4. Go to the Playkey site and select a subscription plan

  • Click «Add funds» button. A window will open showing information about your Playkey Tokens account:

  • The “Recipient address” field shows your wallet number for paying for your subscription.
The wallet address will change periodically. So when adding funds in PKT, copy the current address each time.
  • Click «Copy» to copy the address to your clipboard.

6.5. Send PKT to the Playkey address to pay for subscription

  • Return to the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab in the MyEtherWallet service.
  • In the “To Address” field, paste the Playkey ETH address copied from the payment form at https://playkey.net (see step 6.4).
  • In the “Amount to Send” field, choose PKT. 
  • Enter the amount of PKT you need to transfer to pay for your subscription (the subscription cost in PKT is shown in the form for selecting a payment method; see step 6.4).
  • In the “Gas Limit” field, change the value according to the recommended parameters indicated in the payment form. This will guarantee that your transaction is processed.
  • Click on the “Generate Transaction” button.

If a warning appears that the transaction will fail, check all transaction parameters and then try again.

  • If no warnings appear, click on the “Send Transaction” button.
  • A pop-up appears in which you need to confirm the transaction. If the data is entered correctly, click on the «Yes, I am sure! Make transaction» button.

Do not click the button more than once!

7. Buy a Playkey subscription for PKT

  • Go to the page for choosing a subscription  plan on the Playkey: https://playkey.net/en/steps/payment/
  • Choose a subscription plan and click «Buy subscription» button.
  • A payment form will open. Select a Playkey payment method:

  • Click «Purchase» button.
  • If your payment is successful, your account will open. In the «Subscription settings» section, your active plan will show up. In the «Transaction History» section, you will find your PKT withdrawal transaction. Your PKT balance will reduce by the amount of PKT withdrawn:

Note: Playkey bears no responsibility for your trading operations on exchanges or markets. Be attentive in entering amounts, payment details, and other required data.