Checking currently used decoding method

Currently employed method of decoding is displayed in the streaming console.

HW - HardWare, videocard is being used for decoding

SW - SoftWare, processor is being used for decoding

Important: if computer doesn't support HW decoding, you can experience certain porblems with the game, such as:

  • slideshow
  • dilluted image
  • horizontal lines across the picture
  • black or green screen, with sound present
  • at high loads, you can experience delayed controls, more information in this article

A helpful article: how to manually set a default graphic card

How to check your system for hardware decoding availability

Download, install and launch DXVA Checker

If there is no lines with H264, it means you have no hardware decoder


Or, hardware decoder present:

How to check your version of DirectX

Press Win+R and type "dxdiag" in the opened window:

In the opened window, look for DirectX version line: