What is the configuration manager?

This is a tool to manage the configuration file settings.ini, and it simplifies adjusting various settings when you use Pkaykey.

Where is it located?

The configuration manager is called up by pressing Ctrl+F2 in the Playkey application.

What settings can I change with it, and what do they mean?

  • Video processing quality: The higher the setting, the better the video quality; lower settings make for faster video processing and less lag.
  • Video profile: The “high" setting provides the best picture when encoding video; “baseline" is for the fastest encoding/decoding speed.
  • Video FPS: It limits FPS in the application. We recommend using the Auto option.
  • Video decoder: Using a hardware decoder speeds up the process of video encoding and decoding and increases performance. We recommend using the Auto option.
  • Video bitrate range: In automatic mode the bitrate range is 5–25 Mbps. If you see losses on the channel or you have a low internet speed, we recommend lowering the maximal threshold (the second value).
  • Number of slices in the video frame: More slices mean a more stable video stream, but a higher load on the system. We recommend using the Auto option.
  • Decode unassembled video frames: This setting can provide a more dynamic picture and a high response speed (keyboard, mouse, gamepad) when there are problems with losses, but at the same time some interference may appear (for example, gray stripes).
  • Protocol for transfer of control: In most cases we recommend the UDP option. But if problems occur with the transfer of control settings on this protocol, try switching to TCP.