What is the configuration manager?

This is a tool to manage the configuration file settings.ini, and it simplifies adjusting various settings when you use Pkaykey.

Where is it located?

The configuration manager is called up by pressing Ctrl+F2 in the Playkey application.

What settings can I change with it, and what do they mean?

  • Codek - programm/algorithm of videofeed compression and it's restoration to original quality.  How to check what codecs are supported by your computer.
  • Video profile - Parameter high provides best graphics quality, while baseline provides best perfomance. If you are experiencing decoding or control delays, we recommend lowering this paramenter gradually.
  • Video decoder - Using a hardware decoder speeds up the process of video encoding and decoding and increases performance. We recommend using the Auto option. 
  • Client video processing quality - The higher the setting, the better the video quality; lower settings make for faster video processing and less input and video delay.
  • Video bitrate range  - In automatic mode the bitrate range is 5–25 Mbps. If you see losses on the channel or you have a low internet speed, we recommend lowering the maximal threshold (the second value). 
  • Number of slices in the video frame  - More slices mean a more stable video stream, but a higher load on the system. We recommend using the Auto option.
  • Color range - Changes default color gamma. Can drastically affect the image without affecting perfomance. We recommend using the Auto option..
  • Client-side cursor rendering - Usually helps to solve the issue of desynchronized mouse cursor with higher ping values, but is less effective if the issue is caused by decoding problems.
  • Slow PC/Mac auto detection - This option turns on a special algorithm that automatically adjusts the values of bitrate and quality if it detects problems with the decoding or internet connection.