Just found out about our outstanding service but don’t know where to start?
We’ll help you get comfortable with it and start enjoying cool games.


The registration process is simple: When you first visit the website, you immediately arrive at the welcome page, where you can find brief information about Playkey.
When you first log in to your Playkey account, a test account will be created. To keep it safe, we recommend giving a valid email address.

An email will be sent to it with a username, a password, and a confirmation link.
We recommend confirming your email address and reading the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

Testing the quality of Playkey’s service

Now you have your own account on our website, so now you can evaluate the quality of our service, free of charge.

  • Download and install the Playkey application.
  • Launch one of the demo games.

You can find more details in the articles What is Demo Mode, and How Can I Test It? and Before Paying for a Subscription.

Has the demo time run out, or do you want to test other games?
In this case, you can test all the games in the Playkey catalogue by paying for a subscription.

Setting up a subscription

After testing the picture quality and the quality of your internet connection, you’re ready to use Playkey.

There are a couple more points to work out:

Select the right service plan

We also recommend reading Playkey’s subscription terms.

For more information, see the article What is a Subscription? 

Pay for it

You have a variety of options for paying for a service plan:

  • Credit card

Read more in How to Pay for a Subscription. 

Launching a game

Now you’ve bought the subscription, so you can play.

To start a game from the Playkey catalogue, you need a subscription and an account on the gaming platform with an activated game key.

You can find out more in the articles How to Create an Account on Steam, Uplay, or Battle.net and What Keys Are Used with Playkey? 

If you don’t have a key, then you can buy one on our website or on the publisher’s website.

You can find out more in the article What Keys Are Sold on Playkey? 

After buying and activating the key, go to the game’s description page on the Playkey website (for example, http://playkey.net/en/game/Witcher3/) and click Play.
In the window that opens, enter the credentials from your Steam account—and help Geralt of Rivia on his difficult adventure!