Your browser requests permission when you first launch Playkey

An error is possible if you’ve disabled external-app launch.  

But this can be fixed:

Google Chrome

Create a new profile in the browser or restore its settings to default.

Yandex Browser

1. Close the browser.  

2. Go to this location:   For Yandex: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\User Data Substitute your username for [USERNAME].   

3. Open the Local State file with Notepad (or notepad.exe).   

4. Press Ctrl+F, find the line with playkey:true or playkey:false and delete it. Then save and close the file.  

5. Launch the browser. Go to and try launching the game again.  

6. When opening playkey://* links, a window with a request for external protocol will appear again. Put a check in the box next to Apply to All Links of This Type field and click Launch App.

Mozilla Firefox

Open the menu fVPfeDp0P1676AKpMwdQ0vlztJql3H_aNA.png  select Settings PPUyNnBBAZl63Vkm2yeuWbetAIwsGAF8ug.png and click on the "“Contents”" tab or enter the following command into the address bar: about:preferences#content.  In the ““Pop-ups”" section, click on the Exceptions button, add to the list of allowed sites, and save changes.