To send a request to our support team through the portal

On our portal, click on the link New Support Ticket

A page opens where you can indicate the basic subject area of your support request.

Before sending your request: fill out the fields as completely as possible, as this will allow us to more quickly understand your problem.

Here is an example of filling out a request:

Don’t forget to attach a screenshot showing the error or problem.

When you specify the problem in the subject of the request, the system will offer possible solutions.

You can either use them or send the request.

To send a request to our support team by email

Write an email to

In the subject line, summarize your request. In the body of the email, give the following information:

  • The email address associated with the account, and your user ID in the Playkey cloud
  • Which games you are trying to run?
  • What error is coming up? Specify the time of error in Moscow time (UTC+3).
  • Attach a screenshot and describe how the error or problem occurred.

We’ll try to answer your question as quickly as possible."