Basic activation information

To start a game on Playkey, you need a subscription and an account on the gaming platform with an activated game key.

Keys need to be activated in the corresponding client of the gaming platform.

You can download it from the game publisher’s website:

Keep in mind that if you haven’t yet activated your Steam or Rockstar key in your account, then when you start the game and enter the username and password, a form will appear notifying you that you need to enter the key. For now, only Uplay keys can be activated in Playkey.

If you have a question about activating a key in a certain region of the world, or you want any nuance of a game clarified, then help is provided by these services:

For information on how to activate a key in TES Online, see this article.

How do I find out for which platform a game is adapted in the Playkey cloud?

In the upper left corner of a game’s description, there’s an icon showing which gaming platform the game has been adapted for.

I’m having trouble activating a key

Have a look at the article Problems When Activating Keys.